Top 10 Most Popular Account Wordpress Plugins | Apr 2024

Here are the top 10 most popular account wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. Menu Extension for bbPress

You can now add bbPress links in your WP menus....Popular Score : 3,210,000,000

2. AS login

AS login you can fully customize wordpress login page....Popular Score : 2,700,000,000

3. Support Me

Allows you to generate expireable user accounts for support purposes....Popular Score : 352,000,000

4. Time Limited Account

With this plugin you can time limite the users accounts registered on your website for a specific amount of time....Popular Score : 129,000,000

5. Auto Category

When assigning a sub-category to a post, wordpress treats it as a separate category with no relation to the mother category. This plugin automaticall...Popular Score : 94,100,000

6. As Nice Scroll

As nice scroll is a jquery plugin for WordPress site. This plugin will create a nice scrollbar for your site....Popular Score : 81,200,000

7. Unsubscribe from WooCommerce

To add a unsubscribe from WooCommerce in the EDIT ACCOUNT DETAILS page....Popular Score : 54,600,000

8. Allow Multiple Accounts

Allow multiple user accounts to be created, registered, and updated having the same email address....Popular Score : 52,800,000

9. SafeWallet Affiliate

Start earning revenues from the least expected page in your blog, the Forgot Your Password page, with this uber cool affiliate plugin. This plugin add...Popular Score : 49,400,000

10. Simple User Signups

Capture more leads by allowing users to sign up for a WordPress account with only their email address. Their password is randomly generated and email...Popular Score : 47,300,000