Top 10 Most Popular Animation Wordpress Plugins | Sep 2023

Here are the top 10 most popular animation wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. SuperSlider-Excerpt

SuperSlider-Excerpts automatically pulls thumbnails from your posts and morph-animates the roll over to any css style, wherever you show excerpts (arc...Popular Score : 2,420,000,000

2. Image Zoom-In-Out

Image zoom in / out effect on hover....Popular Score : 796,000,000

3. Animate Your Content

Animate Your Content plugin...Popular Score : 616,000,000

4. Photo Book Gallery

UNLIMITED Page Flip Books for Images with Custom Settings...Popular Score : 358,000,000

5. Digital Art Image Gallery

This image gallery presents different computer generated digital art images and animations in its nice-looking and configurable sidebar widget....Popular Score : 163,000,000

6. Easy Textillate

Very beautiful text animations (shortcodes in posts and widgets or PHP code in theme files)....Popular Score : 147,000,000

7. Recommended Stories for WordPress

This plugin can list a selectable number of latest sticky posts, and push their links into an animated box...Popular Score : 137,000,000

8. Banner Aink

Show banner 468x60 with animation, like: fade, scrollUp, slideX, shuffle, cover, and more........Popular Score : 98,700,000

9. Loading Page with Loading Screen

Loading Page with Loading Screen plugin performs a pre-loading of images on your website and displays a loading progress screen with percentage of com...Popular Score : 94,800,000

10. WordPress animator free

WordPress animator free - is the plugin can easily add and to position the elements on any part of the screen, to apply animation and tooltip to it....Popular Score : 84,300,000