Top 10 Most Popular Captcha Wordpress Plugins | Apr 2024

Here are the top 10 most popular captcha wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. Customizable Captcha and contact us

Description: Plugin to add captcha to core wordpress forms and additional option for contact us page with ajax captcha verification....Popular Score : 2,890,000,000

2. AS login

AS login you can fully customize wordpress login page....Popular Score : 2,700,000,000

3. Humans Only

Stop your WordPress website from being spammed by bots and restrict it only to humans....Popular Score : 2,080,000,000

4. Sexy Login

Simple and cool login widget for your WordPress! AJAX, support SSL, show avatar, profile button, register and lost password forms......Popular Score : 1,070,000,000

5. Contact Form to Email

Contact form that sends the data to email and also to a database list and CSV file....Popular Score : 860,000,000

6. Contact Form 8

Based on Takayuki Miyoshi’s Contact Form 7 version 2.0.1. Has better support for checkboxes (clickable labels, actually separate onto different line...Popular Score : 698,000,000

7. Just Contact Form

Just ajax contact form with captcha, one shortcode and easy to use, without options and without complexity....Popular Score : 458,000,000

8. Any Contact

Any contact form plugin. Simple, free and flexible....Popular Score : 376,000,000

9. Visitor Contact Forms

Create customizable contact forms and sticky contact button for your WordPress blog. Web 2.0 style....Popular Score : 307,000,000

10. Modern-I Contact Form

Moderni contact form plugin gives a WP most flexible and usable contact form.WP-admin can use either captcha or simple contact form....Popular Score : 285,000,000