Top 9 Most Popular Casengo Wordpress Plugins | Jun 2024

Here are the top 9 most popular casengo wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. CustomerICare live chat

Live chat software designed for WordPress. Quickly add a chat box to your website and start chatting with visitors. It's so easy!...Popular Score : 66,000,000

2. BrainyTalk Plug-in

BrainyTalk visa possibilitar uma fácil comunicação entre um cliente e/ou leitor do blog com o proprietário e/ou equipe do mesmo....Popular Score : 55,100,000

3. Smartsupp Live Chat

Smartsupp is free live chat with visitor recording. Your customers are on your website right now. Chat with them and see what they do....Popular Score : 52,000,000

4. Live Chat

Install live chat to your wordpress site and provide users with easy-to-use professional customer service....Popular Score : 50,700,000

5. FAQ & Knowledge Base Plugin

Add a powerful FAQ & Knowledge Base on your WordPress Blog or Website. Powered by Casengo....Popular Score : 16,800,000

6. Netrox SC Live Chat

Netrox SC lets you chat with website visitors in real-time. Over 1000 options for free. Fully customizable widget. Easy integration with 3rd parties....Popular Score : 7,730,000

7. VictorChat

VictorChat is a live chat solution that helps website owners convert their visitors into customers!...Popular Score : 4,300,000

8. Chatnox Live Chat Plugin (Free & Paid Plans)

Used by over 8000+ businesses world-wide, Chatnox is a popular Live Chat software used by business worldwide to chat with visitors in real time. Try L...Popular Score : 1,100,000

9. VoxyPAD Click2Call (Chat/Call)

VoxyPAD Click2Call service, built on collaborative technology, is an platform for sharing data, images with annotation while on chat/call....Popular Score : 7,420