Top 10 Most Popular Comments Wordpress Plugins | Mar 2024

Here are the top 10 most popular comments wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. Comments To ActiveCampaign

The simplest way to collect leads from your comments to ActiveCampaign....Popular Score : 3,150,000,000

2. Notifications to all Administrators

Enable moderation requests and notifications by email to all administrators....Popular Score : 2,700,000,000

3. No Comments On Pages

A tiny WordPress plugin which, when activated, disables posting of new comments to all pages and hides existing ones....Popular Score : 2,660,000,000

4. Favicon Images for Comments

Favicon Images for WordPress Comments lets you add favicons next to your blog comments using the site URL of the commentator....Popular Score : 2,620,000,000

5. Ultimate Member

The easiest way to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles with WordPress...Popular Score : 2,540,000,000

6. Welcome Home

Join ACNURs Welcome Home initiative and donate your webs homepage to help more than 12 million refugees....Popular Score : 2,510,000,000

7. Jetpack by

Your WordPress, Streamlined....Popular Score : 2,430,000,000

8. In-Context Comment

"In-Context Comment" lets readers leave comments right next to the content being commented, instead of only at the bottom of the blog post...Popular Score : 2,420,000,000

9. Facebook Post Embed

One shortcode to embedding facebook posts easily, responsive and custom margin bottom....Popular Score : 2,390,000,000

10. Star Rating Feedback

This plugin allows you to add a Star Rating feedback form. Currently it is localised for use in the UK...Popular Score : 2,390,000,000