Top 10 Most Popular Imdb Wordpress Plugins | Mar 2024

Here are the top 10 most popular imdb wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. Speed Contact Bar

Let your website visitors get in touch with you easily with permanent visible contact informations...Popular Score : 148,000,000

2. IMDB Info Box

Display movie information from IMDB in wordpress post....Popular Score : 125,000,000

3. Watch Movie

Run Your own Movies & TV shows and Don't leave WordPress,...Popular Score : 96,400,000

4. Add Movie Trailers and Games Trailers to your site

Add Movie Trailers and Game Trailers to your site or create your own IMDB site...Popular Score : 53,800,000

5. Snap Shots for

Add Snap Shots(TM) to your blog. Snap Shots is an open, extensible platform for creating, sharing, and distributing contextually relevant content....Popular Score : 43,200,000

6. IMDb Profile Widget

Your IMDb Profile, in your website....Popular Score : 37,200,000


fetch the information of the movies from IMDB databse...Popular Score : 25,500,000

8. iCheckMovies Widget

Looks cool to share your latest seen movies on your blog....Popular Score : 25,200,000

9. IMDb Connector

A simple plugin that allows you to easily display and use movie details from Score : 17,000,000


Display movie information from IMDB in wordpress post. improvements for Persian(farsi)/Afghan movie websites....Popular Score : 13,300,000