Top 10 Most Popular Length Wordpress Plugins | Jun 2024

Here are the top 10 most popular length wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. Read More Excerpt Link

Create "Read More" link after post excerpt instead of ellipsis [...] Also modify excerpt length....Popular Score : 2,160,000,000

2. Contact Form 7 minlength extension

Extension to enable min-length on textfield(s) in Contact Form 7...Popular Score : 127,000,000

3. Kid Info Widget

Customizable widget with information about your child. Show baby's age, date of birth, weight, length etc. Supports multiple instances....Popular Score : 94,000,000

4. Running Time

A WordPress plugin that outputs your blog's age in date range, days, weeks, months or years...Popular Score : 77,000,000

5. Dynamic Home Length

This plugin adjusts the number of posts per page of the front page based on the total number of texts in all recent posts so that its height would be...Popular Score : 75,700,000

6. Order Posts by Word Count

Creates a widget that lists posts in order by word count. Posts are sorted in ascending or descending order and you can select how many posts show....Popular Score : 41,400,000

7. Change Excerpt Length

Adds an Excerpt Length field setting to the Reading Settings section, this is used to set the number of words that appear in the the_excerpt()....Popular Score : 34,200,000

8. Custom Excerpt Length

Adds Excerpt Length option on Reading page, which can be used to set the number of words in post excerpt....Popular Score : 23,000,000

9. Length Converter

Visitor will be able to convert Centimetre, Metre, Kilometre, Inch, Foot, Yard and Mile...Popular Score : 17,000,000

10. TimeSpan

TimeSpan is a simple, easy to set-up WordPress plugin that automagically calculates the approximate length of time it will take to read a blog post....Popular Score : 16,800,000