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Canonical SEO Content Syndication WordPress Plugin

Content syndication is a process of amplifying your content to other blogs without hurting the SEO of your original content. You can let other blogs to republish your content in exact format with rel=canonical tag. You can read about Rel=canonical tag here at pt.4:

Floating Social Share bar WordPress plugin

Floating Social Share bar WordPress plugin is a responsive social sharing plugin for WordPress. It lets you add floating social media share buttons with counter on your desktop site. Though the plugin is responsive, but it will not show on smaller screen to overlap the reading area. The latest versi.........

ShoutCodes Lite

Are you a blogger looking for a simplest plugin for managing your affiliate links? Meet ShoutCodes. An intelligent Affiliate link management plugin that is easy to use & is SEO friendly. Features of ShoutCodes Lite version: Manage affiliate links Link Cloaking Create short link under your b.........