Channel 9 Embed

Channel 9 is a video service run by Microsoft. Channel 9 provides a way to embed videos but is not yet on the WordPress embeds core list. This plugin allows you to simply paste a URL to a Channel 9 video as you would with any other embed service into your post. The video from Channel 9 will show at that location.

Channel 9 can be found at

Disable Embeds

What this plugin does: Prevents others from embedding your site. Prevents you from embedding other non-whitelisted sites. Disables all JavaScript related to the feature. Just activate the plugin and you’re good to go. Want embeds back again? Simply deactivate the plugin....

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Enable oEmbed Discovery

This plugin enables the oEmbed discovery ability in WordPress 2.9's embed feature. It only applies to users with the unfiltered_html capability (Administrators and Editors by default)....

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Haiku Deck for WordPress

This plugin registers Haiku Deck ( ) as an oEmbed content provider and adds it to the whitelist, allowing all users to use this provider. Here's more information about embeds for WordPress

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NomadCast oEmbed

Add to the available oEmbed providers. This plugin enables NomadCast oEmbed provider, so that NomadCast videos can be embedded by just adding their URL. Simply paste a video url( stream or recording) into the content .........

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oEmbed for Comments

It's the same oEmbed functionality you know and love from your WP 2.9 post editor, now enabled for comments! Your comments can now embed content from the following sites: YouTube Vimeo DailyMotion Flickr Hulu Viddler Qik Revision3 Photobucket Scribd How do you use the plugi.........

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WP Easy Embed

WP Easy Embed allows you to embed videos, images and such via OEmbed service without manually editing the post (or page). If content provider support additional fields they can be used (right now only vimeo ones are supported)...

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Video Embed

Video Embed Box plugin is used for video marketing with documentation,details and useful links. its only use to embed Videos from ==>Youtube, Vimeo and VideoSuit videos with pdf link,audio links and also specify the html content for that video. Backend options allow the choose favorite colors .........

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Display Embedded Videos by D.Biota

You can display a gallery with one, some or all the Youtube and Vimeo videos embedded within your site. They can be shown chronologically (most recent videos posted) or in a daily random basis, which is a powerful tool to get your visitors engaged (each day they visit the video list, it will show a .........

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WP Canvas - Responsive Videos

This plugin will automatically resize your videos inserted in your WordPress editor. The code is light and only uses CSS. No javascript is used so there is no delay in your iframes and/or embeded objects from being resized. This plugin will also try to correctly guess your aspect ratio so your video.........

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Responsive Video Embeds

This plugin will automatically resize your WordPress auto-embeds, including video and other iframes, in a responsive fashion. It currently supports the following providers: YouTube Vimeo DailyMotion Viddler Revision 3 Funny or Die Scribd ...

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