ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics

The ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics plugin‏ is dedicated to marketing Agencies, Affiliates, Publishers and Advertisers. This powerful all-in-one plugin allows you to immediately optimize your web-marketing actions:

  • Custom Domain link shortner: Shorten every link inside and outside of your WordPress site using your own domain name (as opposed to using,,, or any other link shortner service). Using a dedicated domain, short url’s will increase brand awareness, not look spammy and will not be blacklisted.

  • Advanced url redirect: Using the advanced redirection options you will be able to redirect users where they yield the best conversion rates, be able to protect your affiliate codes and create safe links for SEO.

  • Actionable analytics: Understand which posts or pages are the most viewed, which posts or pages lead to the most valuable conversions and why. You have the ability to see all the results in one easy-to read report or if you prefer you can drill-down to view every single click or conversion.

  • Link Monitor: Discover broken links and redirect them to a custom page, detect click fraud activities, blacklisted landing pages and other wrong server activities.

Our WordPress plugin is a powerful and extremely scalable tool because it is based on ClickMeter Engines API and database clusters so it will not load your WP database and server. You will be able to create as many links and track as many posts and pages as you need.

To use this all-in-one plugin you need a ClickMeter Account. You can subscribe for free or choose a premium plan depending on how many events you need to track or short links you need to create.

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