Contact Details Enhanced

By : unknown

Adds the ability to enter contact information and output the details in your posts, pages or templates.

Based on the original "Contact Details" by 36Flavours, but the visible text has been translated to Dutch and a bankaccount field has been added.

Use the shortcode [contact type="phone"] to display any of the contact details, or use the function call <?php if (function_exists('contact_detail')) { contact_detail('phone'); } ?>.

Once you have defined a contact email address, use the shortcode [contact type="form"] to output the contact form.

Contact Details

Adds the ability to save contact information in the administration area. These details can then be displayed in any theme using a simple shortcode....

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Contact Us

Contact Us adds the ability to enter business contact information, business hours, business location, etc and output the details in your posts, pages or templates. Use the shortcode [contact_us type="phone" heading="Corporate Phone Number"] to display any of the contact information, or use the func.........

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Custom Website Data

CWD allows you to simply store and retrieve data quickly and easily for your own use. Example applications of this could be to save your websites contact email address and phone number. Storing them using CWD you can then output them using the simple shortcodes throughout your website; if something.........

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contact info

This plugin automatically allows you to write shortcodes to wordpress text widgets. For Phone No : <?php echo ci("phone"); ?> Or Shortcode [ci show="phone"] For Email Address : <?php echo ci("email");?> Or Shortcode [ci show="email"] For Address/Any Text : <?php echo ci("address");?&.........

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Business Contact Widget

This plugin creates a widget which displays all the contact details for company/organisation in a clear and elegant way. It displays the contact information in tabs, so only one contact section is open at a time. It is also possible to embed contact forms and Google Maps. The plugin includes a plu.........

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Contact Info Widget

Contact Info Contact Info shows a widget with contact info like company, address, email, phone and website. Widget Can be displayed on every widget position like footer, header or sidebar....

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Ever wanted a simple way of creating your contact page, with contact form and appointment calendar, maps, office hours, staff emails, scheduling calendar, and a sweet contact form. We created a simple solution that lets you configure your contact page in a way that was never possible before. BigCon.........

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PCA Predict

Verify international billing/delivery addresses, email addresses and phone numbers right at the point of capture. The ONLY WordPress address auto-complete extension with truly international coverage, Fuzzy matching of addresses (don't lose customers when they mistype or misspell a word), validated .........

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