Contact Form 7 Analytics by Found

By : Found

Contact Form 7 Analytics by Found is a Contact Form 7 plugin that adds a [found] shortcode to your contact form.

By using the shortcode, key information from Google Analytics will be included in the email, such as Google search term or PPC campaign information.

If you're using Google Analytics goal tracking to record contact form submissions, you can see how many leads each source generates.

However, by using this plugin you can see which leads came from which source, so you can get a much better picture of where your most valuable leads are coming from.

Please note you need to have the Contact Form 7 plugin installed and Google Analytics code on your website in order for this plugin to work.

More information can be found here

Please note that the plugin will not work with the new Google Analytics Universal tracking code. Please use the _ga tracking in parallel.

Source field values explained:

  1. Empty (and all other fields empty) - the visitor has disabled cookies or GA code is not installed
  2. Direct - the visitor has come directly to your site by either using a bookmark or they remembered your URL. They did use a search engine or used a link via another referrer.
  3. Google - the user has used Google's search engine to land on your site. If the medium value is PPC they clicked on a premium ad, if the medium is organic they clicked on a link of one of the organic listings.
  4. Another website's name (Ex: 'facebook') - the visitor has landed on your site by clicking a link on another website

Q: Why is the Campaign Term populated with "(not provided)"?

A: In October last year Google implemented a change to "make search more secure". From this date users who performed a search whilst logged into a Google account would have their search query encrypted over the HTTPS protocol.

Whilst the user experience has remained pretty much the same when searching, the owners of visited search results are no longer able to obtain information on the keyword which was searched - this now being reported as "(not provided)".

More information can be found via this blog post.

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