Embed Videolog Videos

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Videolog.tv is the world's first video sharing website - since 2004, before Youtube and Vimeo - and is Brazil's largest video community. Follow these steps to easily embed videolog HD or SD videos into your WordPress posts:

  • Type the videolog tag [videolog (remove the quotes)
  • Retrieve the video ID from the id parameter in the video URL, e.g.: in http://www.videolog.tv/video.php?id=123456, the video ID is 123456
  • Append the video ID to the video tag and close brackets, like in [videolog 123456]
  • Optional: configure width and height. If you choose only one, the video aspect ration will be kept. [videolog 123456 width=320] [videolog 123456 height=240] [videolog 123456 width=640 height=480]

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