Employee Directory

Employee directory WordPress plugin improves your organization's internal and external communication providing directory search functionality.

Employee Directory comes with:

  • A customizable search form including Employee Number, Full Name, Email, Job Title, and Department
  • 2 Sidebar widgets - Featured Employees and Recent Employees
  • Customizable employee profile pages
  • Job Title and Department taxonomies to categorize employees
  • Each employee is identified by employee number

If you are interested more in displaying your employees, founders etc than directory search, try our Employee Spotlight plugin. Employee Spotlight WordPress Plugin

Plugin Documentation

Employee Directory Pro

  • Most Advanced Company Directory Solution ever built for WordPress

Employee Directory Pro Plugin Page

Employee Directory Pro Documentation Page

Employee Directory Pro Demo Page

Customization using your WP App Studio ProdDev account
Employee Directory is designed and developed using WP App Studio AUTOBAHN (4.3+) without writing a single line of PHP code. Customize it to your needs by:
1. Download App signature.
2. Download WP App Studio.
3. Import App signature to WP App Studio AUTOBAHN by clicking on Import button in the app list screen
4. Open up a ProDev account.
5. Go to WP App Studio menu Applications page Click on the app signature imported and change the app name and text domain to your ProDev app name and text domain you purchased.
6. Make modifications to the design and Generate your plugin.
7. Download/Install/Activate your plugin.
8. Set your ProDev license in your plugins setting page, licenses tab. You have 1 year to customize, update your plugin. After initial activation, all other updates are done through WordPress Plugin page like other WP plugins.

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