Fancy Top Bar Countdown

By : 99plugins

Fancy Top Bar Countdown is a WordPress Plugin for displaying rundown timer. The main features is Top Bar Countdown you can give the the informations about everything. you can also add the countdown in widget and everywhere with shortcode, and the last features is coming soon page.

  1. Topbar Countdown - Customize topbar coundown with custom option, logo, button and background.
  2. Features:
    • 4 Time Format for topbar
    • 5 Topbar Coundown style
    • Image logo Setting
    • Custom message and color
    • Custom button color and text with icon
    • Topbar Background color and image
  3. Widget - WordPress widget with 5 style
  4. Coming soon page - Responsive coming soon page with 4 layout style and count down
  5. Features:
    • 4 type layout page
    • Responsive for all devices
    • 10 style countdown style
    • 3 type background (Color, image, and video)
    • custom color message, button, countdown
  6. Shortcode Countdown

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