Felix User Membership Site

By : smartcat

Felix creates a login & registration membership portal on your site, which easily works with any theme. This allows you to give users the ability to register, login & manage their profile, while you the Admin have full control regarding what the user can access on the site

Plugin Features:

  • Create & manage user membership levels
  • Allows users to register, login and view their profile on your site
  • Assign users to membership levels
  • Restrict access to posts & pages based on the user's membership level
  • Set redirect links for non-authorized users
  • Manual & automated registration approval
  • Customizable Email automated responders
  • SMTP email ( works with Gmail, Mandrill or any other SMTP mail server )
  • Suspend users
  • Shortcodes that can output login, registration forms and user profile anywhere on your site
  • Custom widgets to output the login form and the user profile
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Drag & drop re-order Membership levels
  • Dashboard with data about users and membership levels
  • Appealing & professional look & feel
  • Fully documented
  • 1-click registration & login through LinkedIn

Available Auto-responders:

  • Welcome email
  • Pending Review email
  • Account Approved email
  • Account Suspended email
  • Password Change email
  • Password Reset email

Coming soon:

  • Login through social media ( LinkedIn added Dec 9th, 2015 )
  • Paid memberships
  • Newsletters
  • Widget Restrictions
  • Custom post type restrictions

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