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Forms are one of the most important elements of WordPress website because without Forms Builder you will not be able to always keep in touch with your visitors, partners and customers, give an easy filling form for submissions, delivery form or other types of forms. Besides that, a good-looking form gives your site a professional appearance So it's very important to use good quality and good design Form Builder plugin.

If you need a simple configured and best functioning form builder, this plugin is what you are looking for, as it needs to be simple to install and configure via a simple configuration page. Huge-IT Forms plugin allows you to create many different forms and send the results to your email box. Use the shortcode consists of a single line, you can insert a form to any page or post. Unlike other Form Builder plugins, our Forms never asks any profile registration. Let's see the examples of some form types that you may build with our Form Builder

  • Contact Form

First of all creating contact form with our Forms plugin is convenient because it gives you a plenty boxes for every kind of information that form field should have, each box is customizable, make the form box required or not, active or solid, configure type of the text number or custom text, and add captcha to avoid spam letters

  • Subscribe Form

This kind of form is very convenient for those users who leads a blog posts on website. Addition of subscribe form in the page or in the widget will attract the reader to subscribe and follow you, this way you increase the interest of the audience in your blogs. All those visitors who subscribed to you through Huge-IT Forms , will be listed in the subscribers list inside the Forms plugin, which you may easily manage on the newsletter manager section of Forms plugin. Newsletter section of Forms plugin is very easy in usage, as you may send a bunch of letters to the subscribers, with 1-2 click, by making time interval between each send you may not worry about anything as it will automatically process the sending of newsletters.

  • Delivery Form

Forms plugin is perfect for Delivery form types. Here you may use Selecbox, by adding options for selection, radio box and other fields of forms due to their necessarily.

All these form types are not the limit, no matter what Form you would like to have, be sure our Form Builder will be rather useful for them.

Forms gives you a choice among 5 designed themes

  • Form in Navy style
  • Form in Black and White style
  • Form in Victory style
  • Form in Fresh Mint style
  • Form in Wild Green style

You may choose one of them or can create your own custom theme from Theme Options of the Forms plugin, which is for pro version users, this way make the form look and fit your whole theme design.

The Forms plugin has an admin interface, from where you create your form and watch the changes on live preview. Add unlimited fields for each form and make changes on each of them as well as use google captchas at the bottom of the form, which will prove that your client is not a robot. Google captcha in the form works with two keys, once you click to add the captcha in your form you can find those keys by simply following the link provided in the popup of the captcha. Cool ability to send files of various formats through your form created with our Forms plugin. Well generated spam filtering can make unliked message as spam.

Beside simple contact form, Forms allows you create other form types like Resume form, Subscribe form, Delivery forms, reservation forms, Goods order forms and others. We have created example forms on every possible form subject, so you may test them.

Newsletters form has a separate options, creating and designing your newsletter/ subscribe form you may manage newsletter distribution to your subscribers. Forms has separate settings for newsletter manager.

Forms can be integrated as in page/post and be used as widget. Layout of the Forms is fully responsive and convenient for users. It's very important that you Form looked nice on every device. User friendly admin of the Forms plugin is reached due to one of the most important features like Drag And Drop functionality. Move the boxes of the forms in form builder by just dragging and dropping them wherever you wish.

Pay attention to the section "All Submissions" in our Forms. It's functionality and usage is almost similar to real email site, like gmail or other, so you will enjoy working with that section of Forms.

On the front end of the form page you will be much pleased with it's highly responsive interface, it's rather important to look nice on each device on each screen size, so you will get that with our Forms plugin. We hope you will like everything about the Forms plugin as each detail made to be customized to your taste.

Here is the list of most important features, that you may find in our Forms plugin

  • Customizable Fields - Form Builder

Each field in Huge-IT Forms may be deeply customized due to a number of controllers. You can edit, delete and hide some fields of the form and make your forms exactly how you imagine it.

  • Drag And Drop Functionality - Form Builder

Huge-IT form may have a number of fields that implement drag-and-drop behavior, which make it easy to order the fields of the form and not rebuilt the whole Form again.

  • Live Preview - Form Builder

All settings that is performed on your form is seen in live preview. So you can see how your form will look before it goes live on website page.

  • Unlimited Themes - Form Builder

Our Contact form plugin includes a large bouquet of various themes, specially designed for you, you may choose one of them, or customize your own unique form.

All these features are available while creating any type of form.

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