Free On Image Hover Social Share Buttons

Do you have many images on your website? Do you want to get more new visitors from social media? This tool for you. Perhaps it is best free image share tool for WordPress. Custom image share buttons show up when visitors hover mouse icon on exact image in a desktop mode and tap on the photo in mobile mode. This is simply a way to get more website traffic from most popular social networks. You could share an exact image of the Facebook using an own Facebook app or share by Profitquery gateway share exact image to the Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr send image to a friend by email or what App messenger. 11 design types, 4 form type, 2 toolbar positions, 6 shadows of toolbar and 5 icon sizes help to you to customize social network icons for any WordPress themes.

Grow Email List Widgets

How to turn one time visitors into loyal customers? Send mail to subscribed customers This is one more way to send your special offer, news, most reading/commenting blog post to your customers. A lot of customers go to the website from Google search engine using exact search query, many visitors as.........

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Embed & Control YouTube Video 2.0

As you know most effective content type for presentation it is video presentation like film trailers, you could use video for presentint special offers, events, presenting new products to gigh sales etc. But how to use right video in the right pages at the right time ? For those purpose we create so.........

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Sharing Sidebar by Profitquery

The biggest collection of a Sharing Sidebar features. Left or right side floating custom buttons to help each website visitor to share your content to the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. to print page and send a link to their friends by ema.........

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20 free growth tools in one WordPress plugin

Perhaps it is a biggest tools collection in one WordPress plugin for solving any task you want. And yes, it's just the beginning. You can setup and customize all tools as you want. For each tool we have many themes for any website design, and we will continually update the set of themes for your web.........

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