HRM Work Tracking

Do you work primarily with WordPress? Do you have several employees who are engaged in the blog? Do you have developers who anyway have to log into WordPress, because they work with it? Did you ever need a time recording of working hours? HRM work tracking plugin is a complete employee time tracking in the WordPress backend. The working time recording also works for WordPress users that are classified only as a Subscriber.

The plugin is simple: the user logs in and starts his working hours. However, the system has a function to capture the time also when he logs out or computer / browser crashes. You can choose if time tracking stops on logout.

Users can capture * the breaks over the surface, * knock, * sign ill. * time he spend on posts

The security measures of the plugin are also impressive. The user activated the plugin, is the only one who may edit the plugin in the backend and also the only one who sees the additional staff lists. Should he not be the only one, he can set additional user IDs which also belong to the human resources department.

Everyone in the HR Department can change employee profiles and set the desired hours of the employees, even if this WordPress is user not an administrator.

The plugin is currently in German, English and Polish (translation could be better), also .po files will be supplied to transfer to other languages.

Installation Note: After activating the plugin, once log out and log back in. You must pull the dashboard widget with time and attendance even in the field of view. There is also a little widget that displays the guy who activated the plugin, assuming he is Human Resource Manager. This little widget displays also the phone number if it is stored in the metadata "tel".


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