JKL Unit Converter

I'm an American expat in South Korea so I find I'm constantly wanting to convert between various units of measurement for different things. My family talks to me over Skype in Fahrenheit; recipes online call for 8 ounces of something; and I always wondered what various Korean house sizes and floor plans (pyoung) actually were in square meters or square feet.

Well now, I've created just the plugin to take care of all of those kinds of conversions. It currently includes functions for 14 different conversion formulas (like length, weight, temperature, speed, etc), but there are plans for about 20 more! (For a full list of conversion formulas and units, see the plugin NOTES section below.)

This plugin was inspired by Google's Unit Converter and includes the majority of the units listed on their website (including some extra silly ones I've found and a handful of Korea specific units of measurement).

Requires WordPress 3.5 and PHP 5.4 or later.

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