Mail Subscribe List

To get even more email subscribers, use this plugin too!

This is a simple plugin that allows visitors to enter their name and email address on your website, the visitors details are then added to the subscribers list which is available to view and modify in the WordPress admin area.

This plugin can be used not only for Mailing List subscriptions but can be used generally for collecting email address and/or peoples names that are visiting your website.

The name/email form can not only be customized but can also be displayed on any WordPress page by using either the 'Subscribe Widget', WordPress shortcode [smlsubform] or from your WordPress theme by calling the php function.

I developed this plugin as I could not find any plugin that simply allows users to submit their name and email address to a simple list viewable in the WordPress admin, all the plugins that I found had lots of extra features such as 3rd party integration, mass emailing and double opt-in, my clients do not need any of these features.

WP Easy Post Mailer

WP Easy Post Mailer allows you to automatically send out your latest blog posts as email newsletters to your subscribers without the use of any 3rd party email platform. Visitors to your website can enter their name and email address and be subscribed to receive updates of new posts from your blog. .........

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Tidio Newsletter

Have a look at Tidio Elements Newsletter – an advanced newsletter system designed to meet the requirements of even most demanding users – no limit for emails, tracking sent emails and managing the address list to name just a few of its functions! Installation and configuration take no more than a.........

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Animated Popup

Add a pop-up to your site to get new subscribers. Mailing list marketing is the best way to grow your business....

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Privy Website Widget

What is it? The Website Widget from Privy makes it easy to grow your email list from your wordpress site. Privy gives you all the tools you need to capture emails using website banners, exit intent popups and mobile landing pages. Whether you're a marketing pro or just someone who needs to get th.........

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Leverage FeatureBox

The Leverage FeatureBox widget enables you create beautiful opt-in/feature boxes to grow your email list and your business. It is the easiest way for you to create and test multiple calls to action anywhere on your WordPress website. You can drop the FeatureBox into any widgetized area in seconds..........

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Plugmatter Optin Feature Box

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box Plugin lets you create beautiful optin feature boxes to grow your email list. See all the Plugmatter Feature Box features at:

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Easy Notify Lite

The Easy Notify Lite allows you to create visually stunning Popup Message, Notify Box and Optin Form ( Pro Version ) that are optimized for the highest conversion rates. ...

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Let there be guides!

Huula, create guides for your site! Complexity is one thing we all hate. New visitors gets confused by your site and they quickly drop. Customers gets confused by your site and they complain and churn. But we all understand that some complexities are inevitable. Sometimes it's because of your busin.........

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MailUp newsletter sign-up form

Visitors to your WordPress-powered blog or Web site will be able to subscribe to your newsletter using an easily configurable sign-up form. Their information will be saved in your MailUp account, in the List you specify. You will also be able to specify a Group (e.g. List: Monthly Newsletter, Group:.........

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Notification Bar

Notification Bar plugin offers simple and user friendly user interface. Customize your own bar via options panel with important features which most of the bar plugins do not offer. Responsive , zero coding skills required, fulfill your needs. You can add any type of content Ads,Images,HTML,Embe.........

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