Plum Code Box

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Do you ever have a really hard getting your code formatted correctly in a post? Or do you ever have issues preserving tabs?

Plum Code Box makes it easy to insert and manage code blocks using the Chili javascript syntax highlighter. The plugin adds option boxes to post and page editors. There are also other WordPress Plugins available from Code Plum.

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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved PHP5

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved PHP5 is a plugin for self-hosted WordPress that adds support to Alex Mills' (Viper007) SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin for the PHP5 language . It provides a brush designed to work with the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved WordPress plugin . To be able to use this plugin, you wil.........

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Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

This plugin easily integrates the SyntaxHighlighter by Alex Gorbatchev into WordPress. Supports AS3, Bash, C, C++, C#, ColdFusion, CSS, Delphi, diff, Erlang, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, JavaFX, Perl, PHP, Plain Text, Python, PowerShell, Ruby, Scala, SQL, VB, VB.NET, XML, and (X)HTML. Feature summary .........

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Code Editor

Brings syntax highlighting and line numbers to the theme- and plugin-editor of wordpress. Supports php, css, html and js. Visit the Plugin Homepage for more details....

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Short Syntax Highlighter Shortcode

Short Syntax Highlighter allows you to easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without losing it's formatting or making any manual changes. Without adding any JS or css file in your theme. This plugin will help you to highlight the code systax. Step by step installation instructions >&.........

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SyntaxHighlighter Plus

SyntaxHighlighter Plus is a WordPress plugin for code syntax highlighting. It is an enhanced version of the original SyntaxHighlighter by Matt, Viper007Bond and mdawaffe. Please give them a big applause for making such a great plugin! SyntaxHighlighter allows you to easily post syntax highlighted c.........

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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: ABAP Brush

It is a brush designed to work with the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved WordPress plugin (written by Viper), itself based on the SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev. To be able to use this brush, you will need the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin installed. To highlight your ABAP code.........

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Syntax Highlighter Compress

Syntax Highlighter ComPress is a simple WordPress plugin, that is based on the latest Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter Script. Code and source text of different mark-up or programming languages can be highlighted in WordPress. There are other WordPress plugin based on the SyntaxHighlighter Scrip.........

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Uses highlight.js. 26 themes included. 55 languages supported (54 from highlight.js + 1 for nginx commands). Auto-detects language. Super-optimised, only loads js for the language. Adds buttons to tinyMCE for ease of adding code blocks. Optimised code with minimal overheads. All code on Github. ...

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SyntaxHighlighter - Spacegray

A nice Color Scheme for "SyntaxHighlighter Evolved" based on "Spacegray", the lovely Theme for Sublime Text 2/3. Spacegray for Sublime Text 2/3 is here:

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Power Code Editor

Helps you more effectively edit your themes or plugins when you only have access to a browser, by enabling syntax highlighting in WordPress' integrated source code editors. Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Please provide any feedback at Everything is don.........

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