Quick Localization (Quick Localisation)

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Quick Localisation allows to hook on gettext, gettext_with_context, ngettext, and ngettext_with_context so that one can easily tweak WordPress translations generated by functions __, _e, _ex, _n, _nx, _x, translate, and translate_with_gettext_context.

For installation please see the corresponding section. It is as trivial as copying the plugin folder in your WordPress.

To get the flavour of what the plugin actually does, see the screen shots.

Once installed and activated, the plugin back-end will be accessible via a separate menu in the admin panel (WP Admin -> Quick Localisation).

N.B. by all means this plugin is not a replacement of the standard WordPress localisation framework. In fact, webmasters are advised to use it as a long-term solution.

However Quick Localisation comes very handy when quick patches or unconventional translations are required.

The plugin offers the following options.

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