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IMPORTANT This plugin only works if you have content on your site already. Your site needs to be active as well.

Content Scroll by errnio adds a new engagement layer to your site with a simple addition of an article gallery, which is triggered to display only when your readers are done reading. The scroll gallery is hidden from view until your users scroll back up the page, and is shown at the top of the view, on their mobile screen. This tool enhances user experience, engaging your visitors with your content on mobile. errnio can increase your pages per visit, time spent on site, and improve your over site engagement on mobile.

The plugin automatically scans all articles read on your site, and offers users an intuitive gallery of your popular, top, contextual articles. No additional integration is required, and with a simple plugin we have all we need to make your users more engagement on your site, with a great mobile user experience of your content.

In addition, without adding ads or banners, errnio can enhance your revenue. Make more money from your site with no more banners or ads. No more pushy advertising, be part of the revolution. On our gesture plugin we can integrate recommended content from around the web, to enhance your site revenue. See more about our features and how our product works at

Cross-Promotion Content Recommendations by Engageya

Engageya's cross promotion content recommendations plugin is the best way to expose your blog posts to new, related and highly engaged audience - for free! Engageya's WordPress related posts plugin displays related thumbnails or links at the foot of each post. The plugin recommends additional posts.........

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Mobile Reading Progress Bar by errnio

Reading Progress Bar by errnio creates a horizontal progress bar and shows your users their progress on the current page. This tool enhances user experience, engaging your visitors to read your next article when they are finished. errnio can increase pages per visit on your mobile site, time spent o.........

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WordPress Next Post by errnio

Next Post by errnio browses to the next post on the site when a user swipes right on the mobile screen (“swiping right” means from left to right direction). errnio detects the next post through the wordpress next_post_link() API call. Please note this plugin works on mobile only. You can further cus.........

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Related Content by Plugz

Plugz widget displays content related posts on your blog. We are analyzing your pages continously and promote your articles on thousands of related partner sites in our network....

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WordPress Tap to Search by errnio

WordPress Tap to Search by errnio adds a new engagement layer to your mobile site. With every tap and text selection of a word or piece of text, the user is immediately presented with related search and content recommendation at the bottom of the screen, directly related to their selection. Tappy al.........

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Swipy by errnio

This plugin works best with sites which have existing content. Do not attempt to use it unless your site features less then two articles or sections. Swipy by errnio adds a new engagement layer to your site with a simple addition of a swipe left gallery of your articles. The swipe gallery is hidden.........

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Tappy by errnio

Tappy by errnio adds a new engagement layer to your site with an addition of informative and action features on any mobile text selection on site text. With every finger long tap, which selects text on your mobile site, Tappy adds several buttons and informative content layers above and below the se.........

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WordPress Mobile Zoom by errnio

Zoom by errnio adds an enhanced zoom experience to your site by giving visitors on mobile the option to zoom into any image on your site, without harming your mobile experience. The errnio zoom plugin also adds engagement layer to any image, offering a slide gallery and set of social sharing options.........

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Ads Manager WP/BB

Use this plugin to quickly and easily insert Any Ad code Unit to your posts and BuddyPress sections including Forum topics....

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LessButtons Social Sharing and Statistics

LessButtons automatically display sharing buttons for those social networks, where visitor registered and logged in. Support automated detection and display buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. 100+ more social networks and bookmark services.........

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