RT Preloader

RT Preloader by ReadyTheme.net

RT Preloader is a nice and smooth preloader wordpress plugin which you can install in your website in the easiest way.

Live Preview: http://readytheme.net/plugins/rt-preloader


Preloaders is a nice and smooth preloader WordPress plugin which you can install in your website in the easiest way....

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Jeba WP Preloader

This plugin will enable awesome Preloader in your wordpress theme. You can use the jeba WP Preloader via awesome setting page from dashboard. Know more about the plugin: http://prowpexpert.com/jeba-wp-preloader/...

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Gmail Style Preloader

Gmail Style Preloader is very lightweight preloader plug in. It will show a preloader screen until all of your page content loaded. For live demo Click Here...

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This plugin will make awesome style when your Webpage loading. It will help you to stay visitor in your website and also increase your traffic. Live Demo: http://hf-it.org/plugins/hf-preloader-example/...

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WP Simple and Nice Preloader

This is very simple and nice wordpress preloader plugin. You can choose preloader from 14 CSS3 preloader styles and match preloader style with your site color scheme by selecting any color from 10 nice colors. Its really easy to implement just install wordpress plugin and active. Then you can change.........

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WP BlueLevel PlugNPlay Preloader

Preloaders are a part of smart websites. It generally involves a few lines of delicate coding if you want to integrate a preloader on your website pages. Even the plug-in repository does not help you with a plug-in which integrates excellent looking preloaders and doesn't require any coding. Relax, .........

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Robi Pro Preloader

The Robi Pro Preloader wordPress plugin.It will be enable a Preloader on your web site. You can change the preloader image/design from settings....

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Best Preloader

An easy to use WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to add the preloader (animated loading screen indicator) to your website in a simple and elegant way. This plugin give you finer control over preloader, it can be configured on the plugin settings page. You can select where the preloading p.........

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BH Custom Preloader

BH Custom Preloader is a jQuery Custom Preloader for your wordpress website. This plugin will enable awesome custom Preloader. You can change preloader image, Upload your desire image, preloader body backgrond color,preloader effects, preloader speed & other settings & by using the options .........

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WP Fakeloader

WP Fakeloader is an awesome Preloader based on Fakeloader JS. This is simple to customize and super lightweight plugin for wordpress website with some nice predefined spinner....

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