ShortLink Analytics by SVS-Websoft

This plugin allows you to:

- create shortlinks like

- track unique visitors

- track clicks

- statistics by browser, OS, country, city

- statistics by date (day, week, month, custom)

Google Analytics Link Builder

Create search engine friendly (dependent on permalinks being used) trackable links from within your WordPress admin, and add your Google Analytics campaign code information. This is the first release, so if you find any bugs then please tell us, if we are not told then they will not be fixed. Feat.........

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Shorten & Cloak Links - Shorty Lite

Shorty Pro Upgrade to Pro to get more features like conversion tracking, affiliate network integration, conversion timeline, postback URLs, remarking, auto-expiring links, geolocation redirects and much more. The Pro versions come included with priority support via email, chat, and even Skype call.........

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Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Pro Upgrade to Pretty Link Pro Pretty Link Pro is a significant upgrade to Pretty Link Lite that adds many tools and redirection types that will allow you to create pretty links automatically, cloak links, auto-tweet links, replace keywords thoughout your blog with pretty links and muc.........

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ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics

The ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics plugin‏ is dedicated to marketing Agencies, Affiliates, Publishers and Advertisers. This powerful all-in-one plugin allows you to immediately optimize your web-marketing actions: Custom Domain link shortner: Shorten every link inside and outside of your .........

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22 Social Buttons

Just choose a button, set title and url and get code - that's it! Try it now! (3,500 downloads. Thank you!)...

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Unique Cursor

Just choose a cursor image and click Save - that's it! Try it now!...

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Bring the power and reliable URL shortner from to your dashboard. This plugin will let you to create shortened URL from administrator dashboard. Each shortened URL will be updated daily and you can analyze it by total clicks, referrer sites, user browsers, operating system platforms and us.........

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Analytics Stats Counter Statistics

The Analytics Stats Counter Statistics track: Unique User Analytics: analyze your unique users Statistics by city Statistics by country Statistics screen resolution Statistical Data Bit Operating Systems Landing pages Unique visitors Returned Visitors (Web Page "Views") Browser Brands IPv4 IPv6 de.........

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CM Ad Changer

The CM Ad Changer manages several banner advertising campaigns across multiple WordPress sites simultaneously. As an ad-server, plugin settings manage or restrict the showing of banner ads according to each campaign parameters. Campaign settings include days of the week, custom ad campaign dates, ma.........

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Ads Manager WP/BB

Use this plugin to quickly and easily insert Any Ad code Unit to your posts and BuddyPress sections including Forum topics....

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