Simple Business Data

Add your business data information and social media links to a form in the admin panel, place the shortcode into any page, post, and/or text widget, and have it displayed in your theme. You will not need to keep track of every place you have your business information or social media links are displayed on your website. Just change it in the form and it is changed in your theme. Easily add your new social media link to the form and the icon will be added automatically in your front-end. You may also turn off the icon that is displayed with the text for your business information. You may also update the stylesheet to alter the display of text and color of the icons.

The telephone number is coded for mobile-html touch dialing so users viewing your website from their mobile device may "touch" your telephone number to dial.

The icon for the item is displayed in the settings form and the Shortcode is displayed so that you may easily copy and paste it into the location where you want it displayed.

This plugin uses Font Awesome icons that will scale and color of your text.

Shortcode Usage:

The Shortcode for this plugin is [simple_business_data] with a single required attribute: type and a second optional attribute: show_icon. The first attribute is the identifier for the icon that will be displayed (telephone, address, etc). The second is an on/off switch to show the Font Awesome icon with your text. If you wish to only show the text then you need to add "show_icon="no" to the shortcode when you use it. To make life easy, simply copy and paste the Shortcode below the item you wish to use.

Note: the Font Awesome icon may only be turned "on/off" for the address, telephone, fax, and/or email. NOT for the social media icons, as they only display the Font Awesome icon.

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