Simple Register

Simple Register

This is a simple plugin for adding extra fields like Password, First Name, Last Name, Bio, etc in your registration form. You can make fields required so that field must be filled up. Password field, if enabled, will be automatically a required field. Works nicely with 'Theme My Login' plugin.

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User Registration Aide

When new users register, this plugin forces new users to register additional fields of your choosing or lets you add your own custom fields. Default available fields are: First Name Last Name Nickname Website AIM screen name Yahoo IM screen name Jabber/Google Talk user name Password WordPress Us.........

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CM Registration

Need more control over the login and Registration of your WordPress site? The CM Registration Plugin is the best companion to any WordPress site. It supports creating a popup login and registration box, ajax registration, or login while allowing users to stay on the same page after login. ...

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User Meta

Features Allows user to update their profile on front-end. Add extra fields to custom user profile. Front-end user registration by shortcode. Add extra fields to custom user registration. Add profile link to users listing page. Fields and forms editor to customize front-end user profile and regist.........

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iCeyi Members Only

iCeyi Members Only WordPress Plugin makes it easy for anyone to protect content on a WordPress site in any post or page using shortcodes. [membersonly] Pretected Content Here [/membersonly] The shortcode can be used along with other shortcodes, this plugin is very simple and light weight making i.........

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White Login Screen

With this light-weight plugin, change WordPress login screen to white color to make it clearer....

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Black Login Screen

With this light-weight plugin, change WordPress login screen to black color to make it more contrast....

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pixoona Plugin

Conquer the world of PIXSETTING with this plugin. Install the pixoona plugin and any picture on your blog becomes the platform to share your thoughts, ideas and favorite products with your friends, customers or the PIXSETTER community. Test PIXSETTING Want to give it a.........

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Import CSV with Ultimate CSV Importer

Import CSV data to WordPress is made very easy even for novice users as in few clicks and 3 simple steps with CSV Importer plugin. Now csv importer supports multi language and almost every WordPress modules and plugin fields as follows. Import data feed periodically from csv file as...

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Ads Manager WP/BB

Use this plugin to quickly and easily insert Any Ad code Unit to your posts and BuddyPress sections including Forum topics....

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WPVKP Custom Login Page

This easy to use plugin gives you the power to convert the boring wordpress login page with much more attractive and personalized login page. This plugin helps to improve your brand authority and also helps to improve user experince. Now can customize the logo, the background, the login button and v.........

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