Smart Email Alerts

Make your readers return - with Smart Email Alerts by Followistic.

After installing the plugin your readers will find a nifty, fully customizable widget below your posts. It displays all the topics, the author and the categories of the respective post and allows your readers to select and subscribe via email to what they are most interested in on your site.

Your subscribers automatically receive an email alert with a link when you publish a new post that interests them, and only then. Therefore, the opening and click rates of the notifications we send are a lot higher than what you would get with a standard newsletter.

And to round it off, we added tons of incredibly helpful features:

  • Awesome user experience: Let your subscribers set the frequency of notifications, select new topics to follow and unsubscribe from existing alerts, all from within their personalized dashboard.
  • Fully yours: The widget blends perfectly into your website being fully customizable. And the email notifications to your subscribers come with your own logo matching the look'n'feel of your website. If you want to, you can further customize the notifications yourself too.
  • The extra mile: Our notification system is packed with features: double opt-in, anti-spam optimization, fully responsive email layout, unsubscribe functionality, social media support and more.
  • Tracking at its best: Experience our comprehensive tracking system with detailed insights of opening and click rates. Know in real time how many visitors arrived via the notifications, how many users signed up and more.
  • Lead generation: Full access to extensive user profiles, including email addresses. With this data not only do you know who your readers are but also what they are interested in. A great resource for any sales or marketing activity. (under development)
  • Deep insights: Find out what your readers are really interested in. With our rankings you can see which topics are most popular and our segmentation tools allow you to see what kind of reader is most interested in what kind of topic. (under development)

Get the plugin now and make your readers return. If you'd like some more info on Followistic, please click here.

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