Social Media Feather - lightweight social media sharing and follow buttons

By : Synved

WordPress Social Media Feather is a super lightweight free social media WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and painlessly add social sharing and following features to all your posts, pages and custom post types.

The plugin supports adding of social buttons for sharing or following (that is, social buttons that link to your social network profiles pages). The social media buttons can be easily and automatically be added to all your posts, pages or any other custom post types.

Check out this introductory tutorial on how to install and get started with Social Media for WordPress by a helpful user of Social Media Feather!

Now the only social sharing and bookmarking plugin with full support for the Retina and high resolution displays as used in iPad 5 and other devices!

The primary goal behind the plugin is to provide very lightweight WordPress social sharing and following that doesn’t add any unnecessary burden to your site and especially on your users, so you can easily add share buttons and social profiles links to your posts and pages automatically and speedily.

What sets WordPress Social Media Feather aside from the plethora of other social sharing and following WordPress plugins is its focus on simplicity, performance and unobtrusive impact. Social share buttons and links to your social pages are fast to setup with automatic display or social widgets.

In order to achieve higher performance the plugin makes no use of JavaScript and as a consequence it’s really fast while still providing all the social media functionality you might need, like very professional social share buttons with high quality icons.

By keeping load times at a minimum, you ensure that all the social sharing aspects of your site don’t interfere with those visitors who just want to access the content but are not interested in sharing on social media platforms.

On the other hand, given the widespread focus on WordPress social media integration, your site will still provide social bookmarks and share buttons to improve visibility of your posts and content and improve your overall global reach on social platforms.

The WordPress social media sharing offered by the plugin includes all major social sharing buttons providers like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, Pinterest, tumblr, Linkedin and even e-mail.

It will show social buttons that your users can click to share to facebook or tweet your posts and pages on your site or submit it to reddit and google plus or publish it on tumblr and all other social sharing networks.

The WordPress social media following offered by the plugin includes all major social network providers and tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, tumblr, instagram, flickr, foursquare, vimeo or RSS.

Our social media plugin also offers widgets for sharing and following buttons that you can place in any widgetized area in your site and the widgets also expose some settings and parameters to tweak the appearance of the social buttons. The plugin also provides shortcodes that can be used for the same purpose, creating both share and follow buttons and allowing selection of visibility of different social media networks or reordering how the various social networks appear (see example shortcodes at the bottom).

You can disable automatic rendering of social icons for specific posts by using Custom Fields. Simply set a custom field of synved_social_exclude_share to "yes" (without quotes) to disable rendering of sharing buttons on the post/page or synved_social_exclude_follow to "yes" (without quotes) to remove following buttons from the post or alternatively synved_social_exclude to disable both. The Custom Fields editor needs to be enabled on your post/page edit screen by clicking at the top right where it says "Screen Options".

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