WP Cloaker

By : WWGate

Here are some Features of WP Cloaker plugin:

  1. Hide, shorten your links.
  2. Custom redirection type: 301,302,303,307 and Javascript redirection.
  3. Categorize your links.
  4. Custom permalinks e.g : http://www.yoursite.com/visit/link-category-slug/link-slug.
  5. Track links clicks, each time a visitor click on any link, the plugin will store the visitor information like (IP address, click date/time, Country, etc..).
  6. You can add third party tracking code.


Website: http://thirstyaffiliates.com PRO Add-ons: http://thirstyaffiliates.com/add-ons ThirstyAffiliates empowers website owners with the tools they need to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing. It lets you administer your affiliate links, assists you with inserting them into.........

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If you want to hide affiliate links from your users and avoid Page Rank leakage then Simple Link Cloaker can help you. Using its simple interface you can convert a long and ugly link into one that looks like http://yourdomain.com/visit/link-slug/. Here are some advantages of using this plugin: Fas.........

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Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links is a WordPress plugin for creating and shortening any internal or external links. This plugin will be useful for masking partner links to affiliate websites. You can also use it for shortening long URLs to simple pretty links such as 'mysite.com/go/link'....

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Affiliate Link Cloaker

This plugin generates geo targetted cloaked affiliate links. These links can be placed into content manually or if a keyword/phrase is specified, links will be added into content automatically. This plugin relies on the Region Detect plugin to do the geo targetting....

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Crazy Call To Action Box

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PinnedURL URL Shortening Service Shorten long blog post URLs into PinnedURLs via pinnedurl.com that will be unobtrusively tagged on the bottom of each post. Use the shortened url to easily share your posts on websites or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. No account or p.........

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InterConverse Campaign Link Shortener Shorten long blog post URLs into InterConverse campaign links via interconverse.com that will be unobtrusively tagged on the bottom of each post. Use the shortened url to easily share your posts on websites or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and.........

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PalTip plugin

The PalTip plug-in helps you get the most out of your blog post links and product reviews with zero effort. The PalTip plug-in locates links you have included in your posts and automatically converts them with a new PalTip affiliate link. This new affiliate link lets you earn money from the traff.........

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