WP Remote Site Search

WP Remote Site Search is a search plugin for WordPress that returns any WordPress site's data using WP REST API.

Basic Usage

Activate the WP Remote Site Search plugin Add the shortcode [wp_remote_site_search] to a page or something


Here’s a list of shortcodes currently available in the WP Remote Site Search plugin.


URL from where you want to fetch the informaion
The remote site should have WordPress 4.7 or higher or Rest API (v2) plugin installed to get the search results.

2.title="How can we help?"

Title for the search box


You can also pass "category_id1,category_id2" to search multiple posts from multiple categories.


You can also get all reslts from categories (category_id1, category_id2) and their respective subcategories by setting sub_categories="true".

5.placeholder="Enter a search term."

The text displayed in the search box placeholder. Default is "Search...".

6.type = "books"

Default type is posts,
You can add custom post type also.


Total Number of results you want to display.
(default max_results is 30)

8.html_input = "<button> Get In Touch!</button>"

Append html after all results get displyed.


[wp_remote_site_search remote_url="https://example.com" category_id="1,2" sub_categories="true" type="books" title="How can we help?" placeholder="Have a question? Enter a search term." max_results="30" html_input="<button>Get In Touch!</button>"]

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