WP-Universe creates a blog universe based on categories of a WordPress blog.

Blog universe is a WordPress blog which serves more than one domain/subdomain. WP-Universe does not require any coding/template editing but automaticly handles the universe-creation. To explain the concept universe;

Let's assume we have a blog - http://www.myblog.com - which is our main blog. Let's say we have categories gaming, coding and life. After enabling WP-Universe you can match categories to universe subdomains or domains;

Category Gaming -> http://gaming.myblog.com Category Coding -> http://coding.myblog.com Category Life -> http://life.myblog.com

With a simple configuration your universe will be;

  • http://www.myblog.com - Main Blog / Universe / Serves all content from all categories
  • http://gaming.myblog.com - Gaming Universe; will just serve content from GAMING category and it's subcategories.
  • http://coding.myblog.com - Coding Universe; will just serve content from CODING category and it's subcategories.
  • http://life.myblog.com - Life Universe; will just serve content from LIFE category and it's subcategories.

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