Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Wordpress Plugins | Apr 2024

Here are the top 10 most popular chinese wordpress plugins as derived from our WordPress Plugin Popular Score which is a continually popular score, it denotes an estimated popularity of a wordpress plugin.

1. Open Link

Outputs your Blogroll links to a Page or Post. use [wp-openlink] then you can get all your WordPress links/Blogrolls....Popular Score : 605,000,000

2. Bluesky Feed

Bluesky Feed WordPress plugin allows users to add feed to many social feed sites, mostly in Chinese....Popular Score : 227,000,000

3. WP AutoTags

英文:Often publish articles and updates people loves forgets to set tags when editing an article, the article automatically add keywords tag. tag ex...Popular Score : 191,000,000

4. Some Chinese Please!

用中文写作的blog必备的防御spam插件...Popular Score : 189,000,000

5. Bablic Localization

Translate your WordPress site in minutes using Bablic. Choose from machine or human translation, edit text, images & css with just one-click....Popular Score : 106,000,000

6. Chinese Tag Names

解决中文标签名(已支持所有含中文的固定链接)不能访问的问题。...Popular Score : 62,300,000

7. Asian Word Count

Asian Word Count is a plugin for WordPress that gives you word count statistics for your blog's posts and pages which supports Asian languages....Popular Score : 55,700,000

8. WP Chinese Conversion

Adds the language conversion function between Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional to your WP Blog. Released under GPL license....Popular Score : 50,600,000

9. ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech

ResponsiveVoice the leading HTML5 text to speech synthesis solution, is now available for WordPress. Over 51 languages through 168 voices....Popular Score : 47,400,000

10. WP Anti Spam

WP Anti Spam can anti automated spambots or anti spams by"comment","ip","name","email","url"....Popular Score : 43,500,000