Run This!

By : Manu

This plugin lets your readers run snippets of code directly from your blog.

Simply add a class "run-this" and a lang attribute to the PRE tag surrounding the code. The lang attribute should have one of the following values : ada, assembler, awk, bash, bc, brainf**k, c, csharp, cpp, c99, clips, clojure, cobol, clisp, d, erlang, forth, fortran, go, haskell, icon, intercal, java, rhino, javascript, lua, nemerle, nice, ocaml, pascal, perl, php, pike, prolog, python, python3, r, ruby, scala, scheme, smalltalk, tcl, unlambda, vbasic, whitespace

The code is sent over to Ideone to run; results (output, time and language implementation details) are displayed on your blog, in a table underneath the code.

This plugin is free software released under the GNU General Public License.

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