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WhatsThis Tooltip plugin. Kiss your old tooltip goodbye!

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Requires WordPress 3.0+ and PHP 5.

  • Easily attach a tooltip with symbol
  • Use to display simple text messages explaining your elements or load complex content
  • Choose from many prestyled symbols and set background animation color
  • Set tooltip loading direction - "top", "left", "bottom", "static"
  • Choose from 3 symbol sizes(small, normal, large).
  • Set any special character or letter for the symbol to be used (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,A,B,C, etc)
  • Choose from many pre-styled symbol looks

View Demo: http://www.nrcstudios.info/wp-whatsthis/

Download with installation support: http://nrcstudios.info/index.php/whatsthis-plugin

4-5-2012 Major Update: 2.0 The tooltip plugin now hides the tooltip box when mouseout of the tooltip box instead of the tooltip trigger. This allows you to add links and elements that the user can interact with while keeping the tooltip box open. The tooltip box adjusts the fit inside the screen if your triggers are close to the edge.

2/7/2012 - Critical update: Fixed script linking issues.

Update 3-5-2012: jQuery script loading changed to fix conflict issues. Update 4-4-2012: Tooltip box now loads to the left of trigger elements that are greater then 50% document screen width. Update 4-17-2012: Feature added - self trigger for triggering the tooltip on image and contianer elements instead of adding the trigger.

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